Review: Almost Perfect

by doorhalfopen

I was fortunate enough to attend the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (SFIAAFF) this year. Since my friends generally aren’t very involved when it comes to AA current events, it was nice to see people who instantly recognized Angry Asian, etc. I actually met a blogger from 8Asians and Ho Chie All in all it was a cool experience.

I only saw two films during the night that I attended, both of which I had no knowledge of prior to the festival. While I felt that Almost Perfect and When Love Comes both deserve more exposure than they currently have in the US, I will focus on the former because it is a purely Asian American film. When Love Comes is an amazing movie too, but it is a Taiwanese Production and less relevant to this blog. Check it out if you would like to watch a Juno-esque film from the perspective of Taiwanese youth and with better storytelling.

Almost Perfect had relatively big names in Edison Chen and Kelly Hu but I never heard of it. With no knowledge of the film other than a brief synopsis before entering the theater, I was able to go into the film with a blank slate.

Almost Perfect, starring Kelly Hu


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