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Harry Shum Jr. – The modern Asian American male role model

by doorhalfopen

Two things prompted me to write about Harry Shum Jr. and Glee again. First of all, if you haven’t heard, he had the first major Glee episode focusing on his character, Mike Chang, a couple of weeks ago titled Asian F. In the episode Mike Chang’s father wants him to quit glee club because he got an A- in one of his classes, also known as an Asian F. The episode was well-received, and both “Mike Chang’ and “Asian F” were actually trending on Twitter for the entire day that it aired. This was the first time I’ve seen a TV show confront a very real Asian American issue (and associated stereotypes) and give it more than one or two lines. Or a joke. I had to write about it.

The other reason I want to talk about Harry Shum Jr. is because I came across this article¬†from AMWW, claiming that he may be the first Asian male role model in the United States since Bruce Lee. The article approached it from the perspective of the site’s theme, interracial relationships between Asian males and white women. While I disagree with the theme of the site (focusing so much on AMWF relationships), the article brings up a number of good points, and I would like to comment on some of the ideas presented.

Fact: images of Harry Shum Jr. get me page views

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Dumbfoundead is the real deal

by doorhalfopen

After my last post about my disappointment in the path Far East Movement is headed, I thought it would be appropriate to bring some optimism back to this blog. With an album finally on the horizon (maybe), it is a good time to introduce Dumbfoundead to those of you who aren’t familiar.

I first discovered Dumbfoundead the same way as many of his other early supporters–through his battle videos on Youtube. He caught my eye for a couple of reasons. First, there hadn’t been an Asian American freestyler with this level of skill since Jin. Second, because I got to witness a battle between two AA rappers for my first time.

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