Asians in the library, the simple-minded on Youtube

by doorhalfopen

My friend showed me this video, which seems to be spreading rather quickly on the internet, about a girl from UCLA who has something to say about Asians at her school. There’s no point in describing the video; you can see for yourself. The original has been taken down but luckily the internet has done with it does best. You can see a copy of the video below.

Where to start? First of all, she is entitled to her own opinion. No one can stop her from thinking the way that she does. Having that said, I have a bunch of thoughts with no particular way of organizing them. I’m just going to write a list. This probably isn’t all that I think is wrong with the video, but it is what immediately comes to mind.

  1. Using “hordes” to describe Asian students is dehumanizing.
  2. She is making a sweeping statement about anyone of Asian descent. It doesn’t matter if they were born and raised in the US. It doesn’t matter if they are citizens. Asians are Asians.
  3. She starts off the video isolating anyone of Asian descent as outsiders: UCLA is “our” school, and we are accepting these “hordes” of Asians, which is making my experience very un-American.
  4. I am proud of the UC system despite its setbacks in recent years. We have some of the best public schools in the country. However, if students are still this narrow-minded by this point in college then I wonder how much some of us are taking away from our education.
  5. The whole ching-chong part of her rant. Really?
  6. She understands that people might have relatives dying due to the Tsunami, and that might be the reason why they are on phones. However, I don’t think she is referring to a one-time occurrence. It sounds like she notices this whenever she’s in the library.
  7. She’s never seen someone who is non-Asian on the phone in the library. I thought it was a joke at first, but she’s not very good at being subtle so I think she was dead serious.
  8. I don’t know how many Asian families she is seeing in her apartment complex, but I am guessing it’s a few. This was pure ignorance. She thinks it’s due to a lack of discipline on the students’ part when it’s a sign of care on the families’.
  9. If she is an example of “American manners” done right then I am very worried for our country.
  10. We need to make a big deal out of this. For far too long has racism against Asians been tolerated in our country. Even in California, where a little over 15% of the population is of Asian descent, we still have a ways to go. From what I’ve observed, one reason is because our community doesn’t speak up enough. If this girl was making a sweeping statement about African Americans, for example, there might be a national outrage. So please don’t stay quiet, but don’t fight racism with racism either. We are better than that. Attack her points, not her.

Like I said, she does have a right to think the way she does. The problem here is how people are still raised in California (that’s an assumption) with such narrow, biased perspectives. Asians may have a lineage in Asia, and Hispanics may be able to trace their roots to the south of the US. Caucasians can be traced back to Europe. At what point do our country and manners belong to Americans and not just to white people?