Louis Vuitton gets its first Asian male model

by doorhalfopen

Yesterday Angry Asian Man posted an entry about Godfrey Gao, who apparently became the first Asian man to represent Louis Vuitton. Phil (the author) gave some details about Godfrey, such as the fact that he was already proven as a bit of a heartthrob through Taiwanese TV series. Phil also mentioned that money is likely the driving factor behind this marketing decision. I wouldn’t doubt it. He doesn’t go much deeper than this though. In my opinion, this is a pretty big deal.

This marks the beginning of an age when a company isn’t afraid to associate luxury with the Asian image. If I ask people I know what they imagine when they think of China, it’s generally poverty. In fact, that’s the first thing that comes to mind for me too.

China has its fair share of problems with the wealth distribution and whatnot, but from all the materialism, vanity, and excessive capitalism there will emerge an image of the Asian as more capable, confident, and living a better life. In a way, this brings them to the first-world mainstream. Welcome to the world of…existence, Asians! Of course I wish it wasn’t like this. We can’t change the fact that our world communicates with money, and those with the most money will also have the greatest power. With power comes a change in social standing.

I may be wrong, but this will likely lead to a shift in the way Asian Americans are perceived as well. Maybe.