Far East Movement – Rocketeer is now on the Billboard top 40

by doorhalfopen

It feels like I’ve been hearing ‘Like a G6’ everywhere for a long time. Recently I learned that FM’s first #1 single has been voted a fan favorite of 2010. The name is definitely out there, and FM is undeniably the first fully Asian American music group to accomplish what they’ve done this year. They’ve reached the milestone, but the question that a lot of people now have is, will they be a one-hit wonder?

Their second single off of their album, Free Wired, is titled Rocketeer and it is starting to show up on the charts. After four weeks, the song is now #39 on Billboard’s Hot 100. I am starting to hear some people hum the chorus on the streets, so the word must be spreading. I know that the official music video has nearly five million views on Youtube. Ryan Higa and Kevjumba made a parody video that has about the same number of views. It’s not a dance song so I don’t know how much this song will blow up, but it’s good to know that it is at least in the top 40.

In other news, Dumbfoundead recently released a mixtape that I am loving right now. You can download it for free. My favorite half of the mixtape: Zonin’, Crushing Limbs, and Love Psycle. You can check that out here.