What I like best about December is not Christmas

by doorhalfopen

This month I realized something. I stopped thinking about what I want for Christmas and just started observing what was happening around me. People are happier and more generous in general. The cause is clearly because of gifts and vacations, but I don’t think this is important. What’s important is that for a short period every year, people from a number of countries is actually happy to be giving.

Today I witnessed someone hand money to a homeless person in a fast food restaurant out of the blue. A homeless person offered ME some of the food he was enjoying. One of my friends decided to give out gifts to strangers with no thought of any return. This is powerful stuff. The holiday is commercialized. I am an atheist. I’m not very touched by Christmas itself, but I cannot deny that I like the effect it has. At least, the effect I’m observing it around me. I don’t have a large sample size but it made this Christmas a very special one.

Happy holidays everyone. Maybe I’ll just start thinking of this as the month of giving instead of Christmas.