Thanksgiving with family friends

by doorhalfopen

First off, I want to wish anyone who might be reading this a happy Thanksgiving. I don’t think it is the one day that we should be thankful, but rather an annual reminder that we should feel grateful for what we have every day of our lives. I like the holiday because it is so positive. Unlike Christmas, which has an overwhelming focus on gifts, Thanksgiving brings (or forces?) families together. Unless, of course, you are one of those who start lining up for Black Friday at dinner time. I won’t get into that.

I am generally very thankful, and today is no different. I wanted to write a little about my family friends in particular. Having dinner with family friends seems to be more common amongst immigrant families because not all of us have our relatives in the country. When we first settled down in the US and before my younger brothers were born, it was just my me and my parents. We were alone in the US; everyone else we knew were back in Hong Kong. The natural thing to do was to make friends with people who are like us: people who can speak Chinese or are of similar background.

Through one way or another, we eventually had a circle of about five households. We were all within a two or three minute walk of each other. The kids all attended more or less the same schools. We would visit each other on Lunar New Year, and have random barbecues. It was a great way to feel like we fit in and have our own community.

Fast forward 15+ years. We are all still very close. In fact, tomorrow night we will be having sort of a second Thanksgiving dinner together. The reason why I can sit here and type this blog entry is because tonight’s dinner is actually much more casual than you might expect. We bought some sashimi and noodles and random Asian food. Tomorrow will be “the big feast” for us, and I am very thankful to have these family friends to celebrate Thanksgiving with. They are some of our closest family on this side of the Pacific Ocean.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!