Mark Zuckerberg is not someone I would like to meet

by doorhalfopen

Sure, it’s all based on things I’ve read or heard, but after considering what I can without actually meeting him I have come to this conclusion. I have had friends who worked with Facebook and they confirm all the bad press that has been written about him. There is something dark about the way he started his business in college, and the continuous transformation of Facebook does not instill any confidence in me. The privacy issues (Why are things opt-out instead of opt-in? Why do we still hear about application developers selling our data?) do not matter so much for the younger generation. For a lot of people it is nothing short of scary. This post isn’t about Facebook itself, but when the person in control makes questionable decisions and writes things like this, in any context, I can’t help but wonder the implications of giving him so much power.

AATheory recent had a post about Mark’s Friendster account. He started it years ago and I assume it hasn’t been updated. In case he takes the site down, you can see an image cap of it here. AATheory talks about how he has an Asian girlfriend (wife?), then points to his Friendster page. Under “things I like to do” he listed “Asian girls”. Well Mark, this certainly doesn’t make me like you.

I think it is disgusting, and not just because it is about Asian girls. I believe it tells me a lot about someone’s personality when they put girls under “things I like to do”. It’s classless and disrespectful. It makes them seem like they are categorizing girls–or in this case Asian girls–as some sort of subspecies that are just another item on their to do list. Gross. Thank goodness he’s being portrayed as anything but an idol or a hero in the media.