by braingrump

I have been a cultural in-between all my life. I was born in Hong Kong but moved to California at a young age. My family carried a lot of Chinese tradition and culture with us as we tried to adapt to life here.

For most of my childhood I was exposed to Chinese music, movies, and TV shows. When we went to social gatherings as a family it was (and still is) with other Chinese families. Like a lot of first-generation immigrants, we lived in a Chinese bubble in California.

Unlike my parents, going to school here allowed me to exist in an entirely different world away from home. When I was at school, I interacted with people of many different backgrounds and interests. I learned to love Power Rangers and tetherball. I started to have a little more knowledge about pop culture through Disney films and Nickelodeon cartoons.

As I grew older, I started to be more aware of what it meant to be Asian American, especially as a 1.5 generation immigrant. I felt like a bridge between the two groups. I understood the culture that the new immigrants–you call them FOBs, but I don’t like the name–and can easily start a conversation with them. On the other hand, I very much consider myself an American. I enjoy my visits to Hong Kong but it has never been my home.

The name “Door Half Open” came to me in my sleep. I woke up thinking that this is the perfect way to describe my perspective. (Note: “No Pie For You” also made sense at the time, so you can think what you will!) Looking through a half-open door allows each side to have a little insight into what is happening on the other side.

This blog will not focus exclusively on Asian American issues, but a lot of the content will relate to my background. Hopefully there are people out there who can relate.